New Decade, New You

New Decade, New You!

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The fireworks are out, the party is over… hey, even the hangover is gone. Time to put your mind and body to work, in order to make new decade resolutions. Realistic resolutions you are able to keep, resolutions created for regular folk, not for the ideal person you have in your mind. Yeah, your ideal you never gets involved in any drama, never says anything rude and sheds weight just like snakes shed their old skin.
But this is the real world, full of smaller or bigger everyday challenges, and, as hard as you try, you will never be the perfect hero that knows no failure. Time to get rid of unrealistic expectations and embrace your true self.
Let’s make a list that will not resemble any of the perfect goals you wrote down for yourself in 2019. And in 2018. And throughout the years before. Resolutions that only showed to you that you are never good enough. Guess what. Neither of us are. We all lose our temper, we all take a wrong turn and we all eat that candy bar in secret, when we think no one’s watching.

So, for the decade ahead, let’s go against perfection.

1. Make a mistake every day; then find creative ways to fix it.

It’s easy to fall into routines. Also, routine is the main source of boredom in your life. The point where you become a walking cliche and your imagination goes to sleep .
Why not change things up? Why not experience? Do things a different way every day. And if you fail, accept it and use your mind to find options to repair your mistakes. To find solutions. To successfully manage the crisis.
This is how you train yourself for actual failure, actual challenges and actual trouble. Because life will never be perfect, and issues may appear at any time. Embrace imperfection and embrace working on it. This is how you teach yourself not to lose it when real disaster actually strikes.

2. Hug someone every day, without any ulterior motive.

The advance of technology, the habit of buying everything online, working from home or a tiny office, relying on home delivery and a binge of Netflix instead of actual human interaction has brought on an era of solitude and a generation of socially awkward people.
Time to exit your glass tower, princess. Your fellow humans are insecure, fearful, excited and curious, just like you. Start conversations with people, look into their eyes, genuinely listen. And hug your friends. Hug them everyday. We can do great things on our own, but unity moves mountains.
No screen, no matter how masterfully conceived, will ever replace the warmth of a kindred human spirit.

3. Eat anything you want.

Yes, we know, you like delicious food. And yes, we know, you want to lose weight and tried every possible diet on the planet. You went through raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia, lemon juice diet and every other gimmick out there.
Good news: losing weight and eating fabulous meals are not mutually exclusive. Our friends at Noom are more than ready and willing to work with you and your realistic weight loss goals, to help you lose weight while enjoying real nutrition and taste.
You will receive everything you need, from ingenious recipes and healthier options to a coach who will support you on your journey. You will learn to eat mindfully, to appreciate great food and lose weight while doing so.

Lose Weight For Good With Noom

4. Dance every day.

Many of us have no time or money to hit a gym regularly, or to hire a personal trainer. Also, training sessions are often exhausting, exercises are monotous and uninspiring, and you start loathing the time of day when you are supposed to put on your athleisure and start sweating.
Next thing you know, you will come up with every excuse in the world not to go. Not today, not tomorrow. Not the day after. The month passes, your member card expires, and you resent the money you spent in vain.
Good news: you may find a form of exercise you actually enjoy and do with passion. Such as dancing. Dance every day, dance when you have a break, dance when there’s something cool on the radio; dance to the beat of your inner drum.
Enjoy the pleasure of movement; it will help you in your weight loss nonetheless, in partnership with your Noom suscription.

Try Noom’s 14 Day Trial.

5. Reward yourself with something nice to wear every once in a while.

Some people have a shopping addiction and hoard clothes like there’s no tomorrow. Others feel guilty whenever they buy another pair of socks.
Use your passion for fashion as an incentive for your weight loss. As you reap the benefits you achieve due to the change of lifestyle brought to you by Noom, start rewarding yourself for your work and determination by buying pretty clothes that flatter your visibly slimmer figure.
As the mirror will show an image of you that actually makes you happy, your new appearance and new outfits will boost your motivation to continue losing weight.
Yeah, your mom can do it, too, and she will.


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  1. Traian says:

    Ce creier tâmpit. Abia la sfârşit mi-am dat seama că tot post-ul e în engleză şi n-am găsit nimic în neregulă cu asta 🙂

  2. Lorena Lupu says:

    Ce ar fi în neregulă? La cât de prost merg donațiile pe blog, omul trebuie să bage periodic reclamă să justifice efortul zilnic . 😀

  3. Traian says:

    în neregulă cu mine 🙂 că am citit foarte natural tot, ca robotul. It was a compliment towards you.

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