I hate Sundays

What the fuck are you supposed to do on a boring Sunday afternoon, when it’s too cold to go out, there is nothing interesting on TV, music fails to thrill you and you have forgotten your phone charger at one of your many part-time jobs? When you have just turned all your dreams into real projects, and you have nothing left to dream about?

Of, course, drink some beer (several cans, actually), scratch your cat’s head, listen to its tender purr and dream of a new muse. Not necessarily a human one. By example, I was in love with a spider that lived in my grandparents’ bathroom. I was five. At seven, I fell in love with a peculiar green-haired doll. I loved it to the verge of insanity. Once, we went to the seaside and my parents forgot to pack the doll – and I spent the first night screaming and weeping. They had to ask someone to bring the doll the next day.
Then, at ten, I was in love with Karl May’s Winnetou, and dreamed to have his babies. Just another of my obsessions.
Right now, I feel empty and dry, like a TV commercial. The following song is also from a TV commercial. Long live advertising!

Ce le-a fătat mintea

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  1. Liviu says:

    Your mind is clinging to false images, and thinks this is who you are, and it constantly struggles to build a boundary between this self and the rest of life in an effort to protect this self. The trouble is, this self isn’t really who you are — so the mind is protecting a false sense of self, and expending a good deal of energy doing so.

  2. Lorena Lupu says:

    Look who’s the free psychologist of the evening. 😆 Or should I say cheap psychologist of the evening?

    I roll on the floor laughing when I see people who do not know me acting like experts.

  3. sodiumpentothal says:

    Trebuie să recunoşti, e extrem de pedofilozof tipul:))
    Fiindcă m-am înscris din nou în NaNoWriMo, am avut ce face, scriind între un chat şi un joc online. When you write something you’re amused of, time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana, but that’s hush-hush, super secret, don’t tell anyone;))
    I like Sundays. They constantly remind me there’s a Monday waiting to pounce on me as soon as I’m relaxed enough from the week-end atmosphere…

  4. strelnikov says:

    you have just turned all your dreams into real projects?!

  5. Lorena Lupu says:

    sodium: da, şi mie îmi plac duminicile, când am o anume stare de spirit. când nu, nu.

    strelnikov: cam da. tre’ să îmi găsesc un nou vis.

  6. drawforjoy says:

    Of course you hate Sundays when your dream came true. But this hate is another kind of love.

  7. Lorena Lupu says:

    dragă Roxana, offtopic: felicitări pentru interviul de pe hotcity. L-am clickuit de pe facebook.

  8. allen says:

    Indeed, the normal situation to hate Mondays is obsolete. But again, who’s normal nowadays. I hate Sundays because I work on Sunday. Therefore Sundays are boring, as a fact. But we get along thinking ‘if it makes you happy…’
    The solution to get rid of wtf state of mind is actually personal. There are a lot wtf’s inside the living world I guess. I think that wtf mood shouldn’t necesarily be linked to sadness. We all have/had our dolls, spiders, books, music. But wtf let’s have fun sounds good, too.
    This is not a piece of advice. Just liked the post. Take a look and maybe will cheer you up. ps: sorry for the mistakes, there are probably some, but what the fuck, I am not in the mood for grammar.


  9. coramica says:

    Eu iti vad clipul si ascult melodia luni. Pe ploaie

  10. Tot pisicu e cel mai bun remediu.

  11. mihaela says:

    I also hate Sundays because I’m usually working 🙁 and it’s very depressing to work when almost everybody else is relaxing at home. But I know see that too much relaxation can be bad for one :). Lorena, you seem to be the kind of person who constantly needs a new challenge. So I hope you’ll find a new dream soon if you didn’t already 🙂

  12. Sa urasti duminica pentru ca iti ofera ocazia sa descoperi nevoia unui nou vis nu e chiar etica.

    In contrast cred ca pe duminica o lasa rece despre ura/iubirea noastra pentru ea.

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